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New Computer Virus


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Sounds like the botnet BetaBot, it's only $600 and destroys any AV or firewall on a pc

And who would open a picture from a strangers... idiots. US idiots.


I bet you I can send you a virus and you will open it up and click... such the use of anonymous email software can help demonstrate, how you will open it, simply all one has to do is add in the sender part an email from someone the target knows, and that person would be a complete dummy and open it, not necessarily does the receiver need to click on any link as for it can be activated by opening the email....

I was going to reply and ask whom opens mail anyways from senders that they do not know, but than I remembered a sender email can be faked just like someone calling your phone... I am one of the idiots you call in your post because I am in the US...

But at least I am smart to know all the early 90's tricks, and would not have failed the test of a hack...

Also a virus can corrupts files mainly not the "whole" software/firewall ... unless that software was badly programmed than it may destroy it, but name one software that has been destroyed completely, such AV and other virus protection...

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Only $600?!?!?

Yeah $600 is "cheap" (if you plan to make money off it), there was a botnet (Zeus) that was going for $3k that used this method last year. And hackers* even pay $10k-50k for the latest security exploits

Hacking is an expensive hobby

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