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Steam players

Infamous DPK

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I've seen in another thread that a good few people here have steam.

If you'd like to game with forums members, drop your username in here and maybe the games you play a lot

I currently play Counter Strike Global Offensive and Dota 2, but I have a good few other games

deadp5ycho is my name, feel free to add and drop me a message so I know who you are

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I've seen Dota2 advertised everywhere but never played it. Is it any good?

My username is iamwicked6 if you wanna add me (super old username!)

It's a great game in my opinion..

It's quite tricky to grasp the basics and it's always a learning experience and every match is different

It's all team based aswell, one mistake could cost your team the game. Not to mention games can last anywhere from 30 mins to over a hour depending on how equal the teams are

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