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User tagging & Interactions enhancements

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If theres a dislike feature, and people of the community can use, why shouldn't we?

There is a point of where it is using it and then abusing it.

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The feed on these 2 new functionalities has been great.

I have taken some crucial points out this in order to improve the board.

* Blindly disliking peoples content. => Nothing can be done here but removing the dislike button. So you can only either, like, thank or ignore =p. Stops negativity. Thoughts?

* Like dislike thanking does reflect your rep very little, but I'm thinking to removing this.

* There will be a sticky thread coming (By [MENTION=68711]KyleMassacre[/MENTION]) stating fair use policy on this so cyber kids can be disciplined. Consider this a MWG legislation. More politics than quality codes getting pushed here :/ cmon.


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See what happens when you dedicate a forum, primarily, to MC codes? :D

Dictating and leading the forums for a wider purpose than only MCCode products like you have your mind set on. Obviously you won't understand that hence always accuse us of bias leadership.

Thread closed, the objective of this thread is met.

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