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Looking for experience coders.

Play Mobo Entertainment

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Please contact me asap! I will pay good so do not worry about cheap work.

You must be experienced in coding to a advance level. PHP, MYSQL, HTML, HTML5 etc..

It would be for Mccodes so if you know how to work with the functions and database then only contact me please.

Major mods are required.

Also If you code a fully intergrated app for IOS and android and can convert the mccodes than contact me too.

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This going to be a busy year :p

Here is a few developers that are pretty good if you ask me.







But as far as designing I might have time to take up a task like that.

But the integrating part would be a no no because I have never use MCCODE a day in life :(

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My private message button can be found on my profile, if needed.

Even as one of the more skilled programmers on the forums, I'd still have to say that you should consider contacting Alan too.

Highly skilled in PHP, Python, CSS, HTML, Javascript and some other web based programming languages ... and knows C variants, which will be needed for your iOS app.

Not sure of his work load, so you'd have to contact him, but either way, I'm available if you don't find someone you'd rather use.

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I am currently available for work too.

PM me if you'd wish to talk more.

Not trying to look like an ass.......

But from recent threads you don't seem to fit the requirements for the OP.


The link above would show that your not that experience to even create your on mod.


Then you have this one.....


That thread hasn't been verified by Peter so and other words their is a chance you may steal a copy of a game,template,plugin,mod,etc.

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