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BravelandCity RC engine


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I have built and modified mine in almost every way,

Updates being built and many more to come this has been a long process and took alot of recoding,

i have a good team and will work towards achieving the best gameplay for you and your friends.

Releasing VERY soon

Here is some screen shots



stats bar





This is just a heads up to my hard work,

hope to see you playing soon

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what's with the big house? is that an avatar (really strange i.m.o) or is that showing what house you currently have?

If its the second one, then i think its out of place/proportion to the rest of the page.

Other than that, needs a bit of oommph, like Ian said, its just to grey.

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Its not but if needed I can use mccodes mods and be licenced for using them I probably wont do this but just for safe measure XD

you dont need an McCodes licence to run mods from the engine the licence is just to use the mccodes base engine nothing else you can use mods how you like free or paid

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