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I need help!

Dragon Blade

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Hello all, I have been lately very busy and I have been rushing things. Now I have time, I need help to change the MCCodes V1 timezone into the UK Time. Also how to make the userid start again instead of the id being missing, I deleted someone. So when I register it fills up the missing ID's.

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Add this in the main file. Perhaps mysql.php (I think that it was it's called in v1)

date_default_timezone_set('Europe/London'); #Set default timezone


Don't use TRUNCATE unless you want to remove all records.

ALTER TABLE  `users` AUTO_INCREMENT =1; #Sort out the auto_increment values (userid)
TRUNCATE TABLE `users`; #Empty the whole table



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as for auto increment i would not bother filling the one id as it could cause more problems then you want i.e. have you deleted all the user stats for that id so when a user joins up he dosent automaticly have for example 10000000 strength the only time i would set auto increment back to 0/1 if i was deleting the whole DB

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