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ezRPG 1.2.0 RC1


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After almost 3 years since 1.0 was released by ezRPG's founder, Zeggy, the new ezDevelopment team brings to you ezRPG 1.2.0 RC1!

1.2.0 RC1 follows suit with the same design principals as 1.0, with significant alterations to improve the engine for dramatically greater uses. Skipping 1.1.x, ezRPG now takes on an Odd-Development/Even-Stable version scheme with every new "minor" version containing a series of Release Candidates to test what our developers have done and give the community ample time to test and make adjustments before we crown the new release officially stable.

1.2.0 RC1 brings, out of the box, missing classes that should have always been included with the game engine:


  • Menu class
  • Plugins Class
  • Multi-Theme support
  • etc

Modules have now taken on some new changes and have a standardized structure so that they can be extracted, organized, and ready to be installed automatically by the system. Modules can provide their own template files like they've always had, but give a way to allow game owners to modify them and still upgrade the module without losing any changes made to the template files.

While not a fully graceful upgrade process by means of copying and pasting new files over-top of the old, 1.2.0 has a very simple upgrade path to get modules up and running for use in our new engine. With simple edits to the way template files are displayed and then further structured for use with the Plugin Manager, modules can be refitted in a matter of minutes and then games fully upgraded and running in a matter of under an hour.

Check it out, fork our project, send your pull requests, and help us move towards our official 1.2.0 release!

(Ref. http://community.ezrpgproject.net/Thread-ezRPG-1-2-0-RC1?pid=4488#pid4488)

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I'll put out a change log soon for yall, I really just made that post as an announcement to get awareness out and let people get a turn with improving our system before calling it officially done and letting the games begin from there forward.

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