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  1. I'm not sure I quite understand the "adding language translations within the module.json file". Granted I've only spent a whopping 2-3days looking at the project that you've created and supported for years, so my opinion is pretty narrow-minded in the grand scheme, but I took the module.json as having a single purpose for module meta, rather than providing functionality. Localizations are, in my experience, always separate files rather than a combined file. As for the JSON => PHP layer, that's merely the caching aspect. Basically all of the json's get loaded once in a single taxing moment (taxing being relevant), and cache as a PHP file that is read by the PHP project. Now my implementation is pretty much a quick and dirty, so it checks every single request (due to init.php) against the cache, but surely it could be restricted to an event like "module installation" or some admin function. As for being able to call it with the proposed translate function, you can already do that. L:: is available in hooks, modules, and inc files. You can change the logic around the use of L:: to your translation or {translate} idea, but that's really just semantics imo. The only thing I think i currently lack is the {translate} access without a BuildElement call. There's also obvious things that the original package itself was missing too (handling of missing translation strings for one), but for a proof of concept, think it stepped up pretty nicely. Either way, hope that helps inspire to get localizations built and adopted in whatever form is deemed. Goodluck with everything.
  2. Just in case it's seen here before github, but I started this PR to include i18n support: https://github.com/ChristopherDay/Gangster-Legends-V2/pull/53 translations files are available for both Modules and for the engine itself as a whole: https://github.com/ChristopherDay/Gangster-Legends-V2/blob/5e668b79548b2aa1c439493dcd95be391a1c4870/locale/en/translation.json and https://github.com/ChristopherDay/Gangster-Legends-V2/blob/5e668b79548b2aa1c439493dcd95be391a1c4870/modules/installed/loggedin/locale/en/translation.json I took https://github.com/Philipp15b/php-i18n and modified it to support an array of languages and fixed up its usage of vsprintf to allow for dynamic parameters for translation. I opted against composer for this since 1) GL doesn't use composer packages, everything is just self-contained, and 2) i heavily have been modifying it and the project seems mostly dead anyhow (the php-i18n project). Full Disclosure: (I'm one of the guys who use to manage ezRPG...RIP to that project, though I wish I'd brush the dust off and get 'er up and going again).
  3. I don't see why not, Hardcopi has his original code posted on his site. I've read from others that his code shares code from other sources as well though.
  4. A simple profile module was built, it's based off of the Home.tpl but to allow view of other users. https://github.com/uaktags/ez1.2.x-Modules/tree/Profile example would be http://dev-1.2.x.ezrpgproject.net/index.php?mod=Profile&player=uaktags Soon i'll be posting my simple analytics module. It tracks IPs of users after login and registration as well as logs UserAgents, Referrer, and gets original IP (if CloudFlare or 1&1 Loadbalancer is used on server...i use both).
  5. Original download from the creator: http://scripts.five-star.com/2011/03/avatar-1-0-released/ Original ezRPGProject.net posting: http://ezrpgproject.net/thread-102.html I've went ahead, on my mission of testing the amount of work and issues that 1.0 developers would face migrating to ezRPG1.2.x, to port and test Hardcopi's Avatar system. For the most part, his module was ready, but I removed the static php files "anime" and "createpng" to add them as true functions for the module to use. His original was also hardcoded to pull the body elements from his server, which appears to be more of a piece of testing than something that should have been in there. He also had it so that users would use an iframe to call the anime script to load the avatar which appears to be the reason why he recommended a certain size. Instead, of the iframe, I simply base64'd the image, through it into a hook, assigned it to a Smarty Variable, and now any template that looks for the variable can use it. Simple get magic or using the Smarty hook function, we can expand on the module even further to see other users' avatars (Profiles, Attack Pages, chats, etc)   https://github.com/uaktags/ez1.2.x-Modules/tree/Avatar1.0-by-Hardcopi
  6. A stupid exploit was found in Army and Items (similar code) by player "Blue". I say "stupid" because I can't believe I allowed user-input to go unchecked and have access to the db. User was able to edit the post parameter and exploit the inventories. The code has been patched and will be uploaded momentarily to the github. To user Blue and others, thanks for testing....test on!
  7. I'm thankful to see some of you have actually checked out the demo! For those curious about the custom modules, I'm working on putting them on Github under my own account soon: https://github.com/uaktags/ez1.2.x-Modules For the main structure Attack: https://github.com/uaktags/ez1.2.x-M.../tree/DTAttack Items: https://github.com/uaktags/ez1.2.x-Modules/tree/DTItems Army: https://github.com/uaktags/ez1.2.x-Modules/tree/DTArmy
  8. ref: http://ezrpgproject.net/thread-390.html So as I restarted development on ezRPG 1.2.x, I felt like it's best to really kick the tires by building a working proof of concept game to ensure that all functionalities work as intended. I originally was going to base the idea off of the successful Kings Of Chaos game, but truth be told, I was always a Darkthrone.com die-hard. While they're the same concept, I just always liked the way DT felt, so I felt like this would be a great base idea to start with. Currently I test every commit live on http://dev-1.2.x.ezrpgproject.net/index.php which is open for registration to demo. You'll get everything that the main git provides, plus more. Currently I have the following custom mods added in that aren't included in the main git: Attack Module - Calculates base strength + Soldiers + Weapons Army Module - Provides a range of Offensive, Defensive, Economy Workers, etc for use in Attacks and daily gold Modules to come: Profile Spy-related attacks Fortifications Ally Level Management Link: http://dev-1.2.x.ezrpgproject.net/index.php
  9. I have merged Edward's "ezRPG 1.0.7 lang" with the official ezRPG repo as ezRPG1.0.8, removed the 3rd party game-element modules (bank, hospital, attack, etc) as these are not base Engine functionalities but more genre specific. There's still a few hard codes that I'm catching which isn't using the language system, as well as 1 instance where Russian was hardcoded into the Admin panel, but otherwise ezRPG 1.0.8. https://github.com/ezrpg/ezrpg-1.0.x/releases/tag/1.0.8
  10. Great to see some of the work you've done. Any chance you'd make some pull requests to github?
  11. Awesome to see the old script in use! Hoping to restart development after the unfortunate negative turn things have taken over the years.
  12. So as most know, or should know, ezRPG has two active developments at this time: ezRPG 1.2.x and ezRPG 2.x. Currently 2.0 is in a private development stage, as we try to get closer to a more stable public release state. 1.2.x though is actively being developed and maintained by myself, with updates and fixes being pushed as soon as they're announced or within a few hours of them. Recently I was proud to release 1.2.1, after making it a month of updates getting us from up to before we were "stable" and ready. Currently I have two members of the community who are openly engaging with me about any issues or ideas that they have, and they seem to be enjoying the route I took with the development. In the past I posted what I was doing when I released 1.2.0 RC and its final 1.2.0, so I figured I'd take the time to update on what 1.2.1 has brought to us. - Stablized the Message System by removing it's dependency on the Hook system and needing a complete Refresh/load to get the message to update. - Updated the navigation look and feel of Default theme to make the Menu look cleaner and fit more options. - Fixed an issue with class.themes.php to check if $this->template is set. - Created an Update module to streamline updating ezRPG versions, this is still a beta module, but it should make upgrading a bit easier for games. - Added "AdminControls" for debugging. Now the url get params ?admin=flushSettings flushMenu flushCaches flushPlayer all work. - isPassword now has the ability to check the ezRPGSettings so that game owners can set their own limits on password lengths. - Multiple functions added (see Commit history for info) - Fixed a Register issue from 1.2.0 that caused the inability to register new users -_-. - Added all modules to db that ship with the original ezRPG package. - Expanded on the Cache system. - Expanded on the Error system for SQL exceptions. - Various fixes and cleanups as needed. If you use to enjoy ezRPG 1.x, then perhaps give a look at what we're trying to do over here. If you still use 1.0.x but not 1.2.x perhaps mention any ideas, concerns, or reservations you have about updating. All is welcomed and I hope to see more activity from others! Enjoy!
  13. uaktags

    ezRPG 1.2.0 RC1

    I'll put out a change log soon for yall, I really just made that post as an announcement to get awareness out and let people get a turn with improving our system before calling it officially done and letting the games begin from there forward.
  14. http://community.ezrpgproject.net/Thread-May-Newsletter-New-Developments-Announced ezRPG 1.2.x is soon to be released as a identical product upgrade for the ezRPG 1.0.x. ezRPG 2.0 is also announced in the works which is a reimagined version developed by the ezRPG team to move away from Zeggy's legacy with newer offerings. Both ezRPG 1.x and 2.x will be developed simultaneously until further notice with 1.2.x and up being recommended for current games to easily transition with, while ezRPG 2.x will be better for new-comers to ezRPG or game developers that want to move their game to take advantage of the newer style and abilities of 2.0. ezRPG 2.x will NOT be compatible with ezRPG 1.0.2 systems just as ezRPG 1.0 was NOT compatible with ezRPG Pre1.0 Official Release dates will be released shortly, with 1.2.0 coming before an official 2.x
  15. I can't edit, but ezrpgproject.net is the new location for this
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