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  1. The demo game is up again, here: http://www.peussa.com/ezrpg/index.php
  2. I'm changing the demo game to another domain, so it is down for the moment. I'll let you know here when it's up again.
  3. If anything, we should plug the security holes. Gameplay-wise I believe there is a need for simple "game win" condition, for example if a certain amount of money is reached, and a way to reset all the players after the "game win". If these are added it becomes a nice and light multiplayer game. I'm afraid my little skills in php might fail for these, at least on the security side of things. At the moment, I'm not seeing too much general interest for ezrpg, to justify the time and energy spent enhancing the game engine right now. Don't get me wrong, I'd like to see it done, but unless we figure out a motivation to do it, let's not get too deep into it. Are there any "web game jams" or ezrpg would fit into? Any needs for barebones educational php game engine? Is anybody looking for easy-to-mod engine? If there is something with a deadline, that would be fun!
  4. Hello old and new ezRPG'ers! Just for fun, I put a v0.12 demo up. Register in if you like, the cron jobs should be running once or twice a day so you can play it. This game runs on a permanent server and I intend to keep it there for a long while. http://www.peussa.com/ezrpg/index.php Here's the whole v0.12 package from my archieves: http://www.peussa.com/ezrpg/ezRPGv0.12_ADOdb.zip Still a lot of fun. Does anyone remember what game exploits / security holes were left unplugged in v0.12? And was there an internal forum script for it, looks like I'm unable to locate it?
  5. Ok, took a while to get back here, but I'll have a look now. [edit] Hmm, the install.php did not do its job. Looks like some files might be missing or I have incorrect build of the game. Does anyone know what is the latest build that works? On the other hand, I found the v0.12 and could install it just fine. Is the in-game forum script still available somewhere?
  6. Me too... I have some nostalgia for the old ezRPG engine and was happy to learn it has been re-worked. Is the Rework available somewhere, by the way? I'm seriously tempted putting a game up.
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