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Voice Over - Year 1920 Introduction Video

W3Theory || Peter

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Hello Everyone,

I am looking for two voices, very short and to the point lines, but need to be done a couple of times so I can pick and choose which one has the best quality. The voice overs I am looking for have to deal with a game that I been working on and need to fill up the introduction video, the story plot, to the game. I already have a narrator and one of the characters, however, I need 2 more to finish it off. The game is based in the 1920's prohibition era, so it's a Mafia genre type of game.

The two characters I need to have done are described and listed as below:

- Mike Miles ( this is the go-to man for the Don, he is second in command and is a tall though looking guy who doesn't speak much, but when he does the voice sends chills down people spines) Payment = 50$ + name in credit

Here are the lines for Mike Miles:

"Hey fella, over here."

"Listen fella, Don Louizo wants a word with you. No questions, just go on over."

Time-frame: The time-frame is very soon, basically whenever you can give it to me the fastest, that would be much appreciated.

Voice Style: It must match the description, nothing in the background is needed, just the voice. So a "dry" read.

Please let me know if you can help out,

Thank you,


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