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Hello everyone,

I uploaded a player rating module so I wanted to start a thread regarding it for support etc. it came to my attention that I have a couple syntax errors from something at the last minute so ill start by saying on lines 44 and 57 I am missing a ")" at the end so go ahead and add those in and ill upgrade the module soon so I can add stuff to the xml and make it current

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still unable to see this mod bcz i never bought NWE game lic but i want little bit logic help so my is question following

question :-how can i check i ve already rated the current profile of player ?

It runs off a timestamp, and if you have rated the player within 24 hours then it wont let you anymore and if it has been longer than 24 hours it deletes your record. I could have done a cron to just truncate the table but its imo pointless when the record can be deleted on a per user basis

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I just want to remind people as well that I still need to update this for the error and add in some stuff in the xml file. ill take a look now and see what I can do while on my phone.



I there error it was giving should be fixed, I edited the xml to accommodate for the delete user module and added an image_upload tag as well. I didn't add an image_format so I hope that's not mandatory cause I don't think that the image type really matters here if it is mandatory ill change it

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File Type: nwp player_rating.nwp (6.0 KB, 1 views)

but it is not showing proper code to me (showing like" xÚíZ 8”í»¥ÂØ‘ô½&ËИ±gûš-Œ3¯1a†™±G$Ò*©ì¢BˆD)¡ì*!iETDêKŸTTÒyg¨Sß÷õ?ßùŸë:×u®Óåšå}žû¾Ÿ{ùÝÏ<·ç&è¨éÄ0tÔuTB0„Ôe訨é C‚Q݇N`R¨dÖ <O"0")

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