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Hey everyone,

I just wanted to show you something that I am working on and it will be done tomorrow when I start it back up. Basically it is a bounty list where players can add their bullies to a list and other players can attempt to beat them up for the money offered.

Current Features:


  1. Add players to the list for X amount of money

    1. There is a minimum bounty amount


[*]Players are allowed to stay anonymous if they fear of retaliation

  1. Anonymous bounties cost X amount extra


[*]The player that added the bounty can cancel it at anytime

  1. Its not in yet but I am going to add a safeguard so that once the bounty is active they cannot cancel it




  1. Like I said in #3 i will add in so they cant take it back if its active
  2. Add in the combat feature


    [*]Any of your ideas?

    1. I will try to add it in before I finish it and release it by tomorrow (05/27)





    As you can see the person that added the bounty has a cancel link, if you are the one on the bounty list then you have no available actions, and if you are no part of that bounty you can attempt to claim it for yourself and earn the reward. Also as you can see there is some privacy and if its your bounty you added and you went private then for you it shows your name but not for the others.

    So if you have any ideas let me know


If you when you get the money and player goes to hospital
If you lose nothing happens with the bounty and you go to the hospital instead
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here's a little update of everything happening with this:

I have completed it for the most part but after testing and some feedback it was decided to expand on this for mostly fairness to the players.

As it stands right now you are able to start a bounty, attack for the earnings and cancel a bounty as long as no one is attempting to claim it. I pretty much added a tally counter so everytime a user makes an attempt it counts +1 and upon failing it goes -1. is it the best system for it lol probably not but it works out just perfectly.

An alteration that was decided upon is a limit on the amount a certain user is allowed to be on the bounty list at a time, and now that I think of it as I'm writing this do you think an archive of bounties would be beneficial that's gets truncated weekly to help with abuse? Back to the limit, so possibly a config value for ease but also allows for the fact of overriding it?

Now a potential upgrade that I wanted to ask you if you would like is maybe an incremental bounty amount? Where on every failed attempt the bounty goes up showing what a badass this guy really is?

Let me know your thoughts and concerns. Thank you

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I got the module approved and ill will add it to the market later as for the incremental bounty I decided to not do it just because of potential foul play but maybe as the module gets popular (hopefully ;)) I will think about it more and apply additional upgrades like that and make it more dynamic

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I actually thought of that but I was just worried about some people being bullied because they placed a bounty on someone more "popular" or something.

Been trying to think of a way around that, as it is rather a distinctive possibility...A nice feature, but no real way to protect the person who places the bounty >.<

On a side note. How easy is it to change the reward bases to be...pretty much ANYTHING?

"I'll give you this sword if you kill this person"

SECOND side note.

Multiple conditions for a reward. Kill X,Y,Z?

- - - Updated - - -

DON'T KNOW WHY I keep double posting. But it's getting annoying :(

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for the rewards I would assume its not too difficult currently its just set to currency but I think it would be some rewriting.

For multiple people I will be honest, my skill set isn't high enough to accomplish that.

If I may, I might add it to my to-do list :)

In theory it shouldn't present too much of a bother. When I get around to it, if no one has done it. I'll post the modification if you would like?

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