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  1. he have a danish company called starthotel / Web10. but I think I will just take it over to my own server instead.
  2. yes it does excist. its because the database my friend have atm, when I need to make a new database, it create it and name it, so it if I dont use the main database it will come with a _1, _2 _3 etc. its a part of a webhost he have.
  3. if I make a new install and type ind example database_1 it says Please double check the database username and password. but if I do it on dataname without _ there is no problem. /Sjobbe
  4. It Works fine when i don't have _ in the dB name, but i was just wondering about if it is possible to get it to work with _ in the db name
  5. Maybe this is a stupid question, but can you make nwe work with a database where the Databasename is like database_1? if I do that it just say "Database down or wrong DB settings. Please try again later."
  6. looked like that field was deleted some how. all works now.
  7. Error: Undefined offset: 0 Error in "/var/www/web/sth149491/clan-fight.com/libs/db.php" Line 246 Error in /var/www/web/sth149491/clan-fight.com/modules/clan_wars/auto_pre_content.php Line 4 Error in /var/www/web/sth149491/clan-fight.com/libs/hooks.php Line 41 Error in /var/www/web/sth149491/clan-fight.com/index.php Line 291 Please help us to improve the game by providing as much information regards any bugs. this happens after I have added the 1.1.7 update. when I try to login. any idear?
  8. I have made this mod where you can reset the game without deleting any player profiles. http://nw-engine.com/index.php?c=modules&m=155 this is a free mod now.
  9. This mod is now placed here http://nw-engine.com/index.php?c=modules&m=154
  10. this mod will change name to admin_player_premium because its not just to give anymore. just need to be accepted by alain.
  11. I will put it up on my site in the morning and I will get back to you when I have tested it Thanks for sharing
  12. update send in. just waitning aproval from Alain.. and thanks for the feed back. I hope to be done with one more module to night.
  13. I Will look into it today it worked for me the user i added premium to Got premium but update later today
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