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MCC v2 Game for Sale

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Hey all,

Due to money and time constraints, I have decided to sell my latest game that is pretty much completed development - Land of Lost Hope (landoflosthope.com). It includes customized versions of various mods, tons of stuff to do, nice graphics/layout and pretty decently secured as well. It's based off MCC v2, and yes, it is licensed as well.

Test account:

Username: test

Password: test

Best offer will be accepted...will include domain name as well.

PM me here or email me: [email protected]



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No active users, game is ready to launch though. Many mods installed, all have had names, flavor stuff, art and percentages tweaked to work with the theme of the game. "Street search" with custom written text and bonuses, quest mod heavily modified, "cock fight" mod with new options and text written, custom 'treasure chest' mod written especially for the game, customized Fishing mod, etc. No minimum price, just looking for bids that are reasonable for game, domain and license together.

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the way I see it, its hard to determine a sale price but imho $20-$60 is a bit low considering your buying domain, licensed V2, and all licensed modules.

on average domain can range from $5-$15/year which we'll do worst case and call it $5, V2 and resale value is close to $50-60, once again we'll go worst case. Now for the mods I didn't get a chance to really look at all them or any of the customized features but lets say hose licenses are 1/2 off for resale and not to mention the time and effort put in. Maybe you can include the template separate and charge more or less bases on if the person wants it or not.

so bottom line I wouldn't sell for any lower than $100 but for people interested just think a out the potential return and base your offer with that in mind.

and again these are just my opinions and feel free to take them with a grain of salt

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