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Selling a copy of my custom script.


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Hello, I am selling my custom game script, it was a base of an old game which was around in 2010, I have got the script and updated it, made it run quicker/easier. Created a new layout onto it aswell.


Special Features

1) Automatic TopFooter content bar.

2) Custom layout, right menu updated automatically whenever gun is equipped or bullets bought.

3) Double XP Comp & Kill Comp.

4) Social Feed, E.G news feed, status wall, kinda like FB but within the game.

5) Gif images for messages so flashes when message is in the inbox.

6) Fully secured, has been security tested.

Has alot more, if interested then inbox me, selling at £5 each.





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Could we see a live example/sample of the code?

What license would someone buying be under?

What are the actual game features?

Why would I go with this over a free engine?


Something even close to a sales pitch if you're selling a product. The price of £5 doesn't fill me with confidence, why is it so low? why are you selling?

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Yes I have a link up just let me finish a few things and will send it out.

And i dunno anything about licenses all i know is that my friend said i can distribute it to other people

And this is fully coded with layout included, no bugs/exploits/hacks.(Which would cost to get fixed)

And selling so cheap because i thought if i sold it for £15 which was my first idea then it wouldnt sell.

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