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Dark Mafia Template - Game [SALE]

W3Theory || Peter

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Hello MWG,

So, due to some conflicts with my timing I was not able to finish this in time to the requested date and thus it is back up for sale. There is now a login and register design attached with it and the coding is half way done.

The template design can be located here:




Open to any bids. I can sell just the PSD or sell the XHTML/CSS files as well for extra cost (since I have not done it yet)


Peter Leaman

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Okay the top bidder is RealmOfLegends at 40$. This bidding will end tomorrow night.


Hi Peter, just wanted to say this is a really nice template. The color scheme and the images all blend really well. The mascot has an awesome style. This template is def worth allot more then $40.

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This is back up as RealmOfLegends was not able to pay for it. Soooooo.... A third try hahaha. So this template is back on the market and looking for a owner that will treat it right.

Very unlucky on that, good luck this time around!

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