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Some work for a coder/designer/graphics


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Okay i have mccodes script, and before you all start laying into me its licensed.

the work i want doing is a whole knew layout. (i have a base in mind)

the layout must be mobile friendly (meaning it fits all screen sizes and is reactive)

i would also like facebook login and a jqury pop up registration.

now some of the coding itself will need altering for this as well as some graphics, i ask pleas for only sensible work related questions and quotes.

i do not want parts of this done so please dont say i can do this part but not the rest, im looking for one guy/gal to do the whole project

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i like cheeeese!!!! lol you've come to the right place for this, however i would like to suggest checking out the Collaborations forum to get some feedback from others experiences and such this way you know a little more about the work people have done. plus it will save you time and money when it comes to finding what you are looking for :)

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