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Hello to all gamers out there.

SpoliedCity is annoncing they are looking for someone to watch over SC for them.

This is not a paid job, this is more of an opportunity to run a game without doing any programming.

SpoiledCity creator will take all the problems and work on the problems in the background.

Your tasks

-Keep players in order.

-Make sure everything is safe and going.

-Report all engine problems to the creator.

-You get to choose the staff (No more than 2), all staff most be inspected from the owner and if approve they can take their rightful place as a staff member of SpoiledCity.

All events,items,deals,etc must be approve by the creator.


-No freebies to your mother,father,grandmother or anyone.

-No favoritism toward members.

If those 2 rules above are broken. You will be dropped off the project immediatly.

As we stated above this is not a paid job but that is not our final decision.


Please note everything is log of what you do so do not think you will be getting around our eyes.



Please use this format at the bottom.


Time Zone:

Previous game experiences (List the game name if needed):

Why do you want to run SpoiledCity?

Did you read this whole thread?

Can we count on you?

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As Guest stated this is not really something that someone that can actually supply you with what you need without scamming you or ruining your game in some way or another would need some form of pay/percentage for this kind of thing.

Even a small percentage could sway people towards you.

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