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Oh oh! I decided to go with NWE and...


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I've been trying to find a good game engine to start designing a game. After reading and searching for days I decided to go with NWE.

After downloading and installing the free version the install was flawless, BUT...

After opening the game I get:


Error: Trying to get property of non-object
Error in "/libs/common.php"
Line 1178
Error in libs/common.php
Line 1152
Error in


A bug?

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Around 1178:


$fullError = "";

if ($db->conn->error != null && $db->conn->error != "")


$fullError .= "Query error: " . $db->conn->error . "<br>";

$fullError .= "<div style='border: solid 2px red; padding: 3px;'>{$db->lastQuery}</div><br>";


and 1152


handle_error($error['message'], $error['file'], $error['line'], array());
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I was looking at that but it seemed to have a start-stop trend and only now making a come back again. All the demo links are down, at least the ones in Google code. How is security with it and is it easily customizable?

Yes, as I said, install was flawless - no errors shown.

Yes, that's because the main developer suddenly just disappeared. The Google Code isn't what we use anymore, it's the Github, but as our current developers don't have access to change the page information, it can sometimes be misintepreted.


http://demo.ezrpgproject.org/ (Old demo, what you find on Google Code).

http://rework.ezrpgproject.org/ (Rework, the one who made the development coming back).

Official Github: https://github.com/ezrpg/ezrpg

The rework: https://github.com/nands/ezrpg

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This has to do with the register_shutdown_function and some of the PHP versions. I'm not 100% sure about which version clash with this yet. Anyhow, the quickest solution for you is simply comment out the line 64 of the index.php file which should be the "register_shutdown_function("engine_stop");", and hopefully I will soon have the time to fix the free version. Next will be hard for me too however I hope to do it soon enough. Let me know if that doesn't fix the issue.

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Thank you.

That did the trick and the error is gone so it functions, however while you were gone I got looking at EZRPG especially because the modules could be attached for free, I believe for yours I would have to get at least the $20 version and then pay again for each module I wanted to add on?.

I also tried updating via the prompt that said I did not have the latest version and got a whole bunch of error messages.

So I have to decide between the two.

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