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  1. There is no SQL insert for "clan_bank" so it turns up as error when donating on clan home page.   Managing vault functions fine.
  2. It is not my script - it is the default dialogs module that comes with NWE. This happens with plain text dialogs no extra action code or anything.
  3. A constant error when adding a new row the first time via npc_dialog_links and npc_dialogs:   When I add the EXACT same input the second time it works.
  4. I don't buy that - it is just a cop out statement. If it was really the intention then the game must state that, but like so many things with this system there is no documentation so instead of working on making the game better you have to stop and waste precious time trying to figure out why something that should work does not. However, you are clear and like many others I have seen come and go from here I will not bring up anything else on this site unless it is critical.
  5. You have cheeky responses for everything. You don't get it you are SELLING - your engine / script / code or whatever you call it has to have default logic to build upon rather than constantly fix because the intention of the code IS to create a game. I just tested it with my own account and it is true. If you have a large strength then you are not permitted to fight. This is like saying, sorry, you are too strong to swing a sword, hence I do not understand the logic in the coding for that and YES, I know I have to change it. Just be glad that there are others debugging the bugs so things can be improved unless you rather we all just stay silent and your engine / script / code remains flat as a pancake - let me know and I will just keep it to myself so others can just spin around top in mud and then leave your engine to try another.
  6. That is a bug because when the user explores the default actions boost their strength a lot but not their dexterity, it also should not be a reason not to attack but I will have a look at it - definitely needs some adjustments. I also want to add this: A game is only as good as the player who can least understand it can play - this means we cannot make a game based on our logic alone as coders. We have to code based on what if the user does this or that.
  7. If someone is blocking google for security reasons then this will not usable.However I need to know this:  
  8. Thanks, I should of checked the wiki but it is so sparse that I find I get more info here. Yes they have a weapon and it is equipped.
  9. Can this be localized so there isn't any loading from a third party site? is this just for the ajax modules or is it critical to the other parts of the site?
  10. What is null, null, false in reference to:   in combat menu? I am trying to figure out why one player cannot attack although he has full recovery.
  11. I didn't believe it either until I saw it happening on the player's computer.
  12. There seems to be a bug with the combat system. If a user has 48 strength and keeps pressing recover the yellow bar goes all the way to max and yet never offer them the power or normal attack buttons.
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