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anyone done business with urban mafia?


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My previous experience with Urban included him asking me for some coding work and asking me to buy him some mods from mccodesmods.com as he would pay me for the ones I created and also ones I bought and he also had "$500" of work lined up for me. Well I never got my money after I'd have already sent the files (I know stupid of me).

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where is your proof give me some screenshots or anything as i do all my own coding so why would i hire someone your just trying to get the business


I seen your post regarding urban mafia?

[20:12:20] aaron mcmanus: He got me to do some coding for him before and never paid me

[20:13:28] aaron mcmanus: And he can't code layouts so don't know why he's commenting on CSS work

[20:14:33] aaron mcmanus: You want the layout then?

[21:23:51] Martin Rawson: just letting you know about that :)

yh seems to me your trying to nick my job

P.S you cant even design/code look at your own work looks like an abortion

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what experiences you dont have any with me or life or women so go find your own work instead of trying to steal other people work you cant even back up your claims i know for a fact i have never hired you or anyone to do any work as i do all of that myself and nice way of changing the subject on your last post you cant even tell me what email i contacted you with

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I dont understand we are all ment to be a community, but you are all against each other trying to destroy peoples reputation and their work.. We are ment to help each other out and not cry at each other.. Guest your just stiring trouble, Urban, Razor was stating the experiance he had with you. If you believe hes not telling the truth take it up with an admin and stop complaining. Your making yourself look unprofessional by the way you are speaking, your looking for buisness and your speaking like your out side with your mates... all of you grow up a little.

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Ok when i posted this i was looking for genuine references for both people

it doesn't matter who was speaking to me the longest as i will be recruiting the person who in my mind can do the job more professionally and confidently

no offence to any party here but i have heard many great things about the legend named guest. i do not want to sound bad here but if the opportunity arises i will be working with guest as i named him in my original post.

guest i mailed you what i need doing i have $100 to spend.

il also be honest and say you guys (razor42) and (urban mafia) have not given a good account of yourselves by arguing like school children on this thread. all i wanted was a bit of background info to make sure i want been scammed

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