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game for sale


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hi im thinking of selling the game if anyone intrested.

i want 1500$ and makes around 700$ a month without advertising

has an active app on google play

has around 40 active users per day (will; increase massivly with advertising)

domain is http://www.pimp-wars.net

we have made lots of upgrades fixed lots of bugs and glitches, theres still a couple bugs here and there. we have a rental feature nearly completed.

serious buyers can either take over my cpanel or i will transfer the site to their hosting choice, also domain name will be transfereed across too

please no flaming on this post i dont want an argument

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im not posting sesitive details here and yes i have license, serious buyers will recieve this information

I wouldnt say its sensitive if you are saying how much it makes. You can always smudge out sensitive data. I think the time it takes to smudge it out is well worth $1500. I would buy it right now if you can prove ill be in the positive in 2 1/2 months

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Its an interesting looking game, but what seperates this from the crowd of other mafia/crime games? Also, forgive me for being skeptical, but I have doubts of the income you claim it makes. So it doesn't seem to unreasonable to ask for some sort of proof of the income, before negotiations for buying can even begin.


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Date/time created Message ID Status Transaction ID

16/04/2013 16:28 BST 1AM76018AN744425T Sent 5AL519821K3747508

16/04/2013 09:38 BST 5X3645207U731553E Sent 0N466343LE512090F

14/04/2013 15:25 BST 95F703069D453870U Sent 9Y067077VY760480Y

11/04/2013 13:07 BST 6PH443386J3674300 Sent 0E627555G5716262D

08/04/2013 16:32 BST 5DH228004S6632237 Sent 0C359532YV571902V

05/04/2013 16:40 BST 5RR921900Y494853W Sent 5S163031CC900834A

01/04/2013 15:06 BST 7H466595NP484744H Sent 87L665236G641354G

31/03/2013 09:29 BST 5HE68513TD609792P Sent 3UR56690AG974580N

26/03/2013 20:42 GMT 3GE5532460316915W Sent 34S760908L340402J

26/03/2013 20:41 GMT 3HE73072XA2117016 Sent 78F43764EN255092E

26/03/2013 07:25 GMT 2AW416110M330612E Sent 31B65102G1803954L

26/03/2013 07:19 GMT 43S46040PV4698346 Sent 8BV349497H410231H

26/03/2013 07:18 GMT 1T864449SF605970Y Sent 0EF2248173290194W

26/03/2013 07:17 GMT 33V93196BM641260G Sent 9406774808106702H

26/03/2013 07:16 GMT 0PR277608P5325748 Sent 6W539700BH848501D

25/03/2013 12:26 GMT 4M629134P8675832N Sent 7V868428FK846763P

24/03/2013 19:58 GMT 76C167007E422090D Sent 1CL678096S543812X

24/03/2013 19:57 GMT 6D423805420959811 Sent 28C523816N246683S

24/03/2013 19:52 GMT 01C21815F80343053 Sent 3YV82227P5281272V

24/03/2013 19:51 GMT 5T774075GN325580R Sent 75328864GG109002P

24/03/2013 18:31 GMT 0JG70796E8702042H Sent 5W240395GS5165941

24/03/2013 18:28 GMT 8DW03553DJ643332N Sent 0AE80751VA522504A

24/03/2013 13:50 GMT 81W268426A2427612 Sent 6J3539559W2219231

23/03/2013 22:31 GMT 1NY26806TS5358444 Sent 7EL61931FW779732B

23/03/2013 15:27 GMT 0F0489484X313634P Sent 12U49879XJ0877938

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23/03/2013 15:26 GMT 1K2537496S893044V Sent 6GK65398VM8207045

22/03/2013 18:12 GMT 3F950425K3005122R Sent 46H72080LY9526948

22/03/2013 15:18 GMT 33U43678DF392384S Sent 24M919507J3506437

22/03/2013 15:03 GMT 8AN49119AE1390531 Sent 45360400E3696993K

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For picture #1

If my math is correct, this yields $112.89 [highlight]$167.58 (outgoings to bank)[/highlight]

For picture #2

If my math is correct, this yields $0.5 [highlight]$80.95 (outgoings to bank)[/highlight]

For picture #3

If my math is correct, this yields $27.76 [highlight]$214.46 (outgoings to bank)[/highlight]

For picture #4

If my math is correct, this yields [highlight]$124[/highlight]

For picture #5 (below this post)

If my math is correct, this yields $22.86 [highlight]$80.28 (outgoings to bank)[/highlight]

That was from the 1st - 14th (for arguments sake, half 1 month), this brings the average to $287.71 bi-monthly [highlight]$667.27 bi-monthly[/highlight] and $575.42 monthly [highlight]$1,334.54 monthly[/highlight] on average. Based on these results, breaking even would take 2.6 [highlight]1.1[/highlight] months, if you have no other outgoings (not counting the server, or other overheads) - which isn't a bad investment; 2.6 [highlight]1.1[/highlight] months to turn over a profit.

Yearly, you'd make (if cash-flow continued like above) $6905.04 [highlight]$16,014.48[/highlight]

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The game looks bad in my browser (chrome). When registering (for ex) the fields that say "username", "password", "email" etc couldn't be read because the text was with the same color as the background. Also, according to the app info on google play, your app has between 50-100 downloads. How can these donations be from this game?

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I would like clarification on some aspects.

You seem to have a few prices that are 4.99, 9.99 etc, yet your game has the following packs:


1   450     $5.00   
2   900     $10.00  
3   2000    $20.00  
4   2600    $25.00  
5   3200    $30.00  
6   4500    $40.00  
7   6000    $50.00  
8   14000   $100.00 


None of those are in any format with .99, so can you tell me what those ones are for?

Edit: These are quite worrying for the gamelife;

There are currently 596 Pimp Wars players, 514 males and 81 females.

Amount of cash in circulation: $415,446,509,246.

The average player has: $697,057,901 on show.

Amount of cash in banks: $13,731,544,063,714.

Amount of players with bank accounts: 173

The average player has in their bank account: $79,373,087,073.

Amount of crystals in circulation: 15,010,003.

There are a total of: 15,010,003 crystals in lockers.

yes you can buy packs with the format.99 or buy points and creaqte your own packs we have 2 donate pages

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im selling the game because im starting a new job and dont have tome for it anymore, tell you what i wont sell since all i recieved here is suspicion. i came here as a genuine person selling a game and all most of you have tried to do is flame me. mods please lock this thread. i will not continue to speak with the community here.

the couple of decent people ive met i have on skype.

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