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$50 Game Layout. Fully Coded.


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i have payed him 50 $ for some website files

firt i would get it the same day then a friend of him was having the files and he needed to wait

ather some days i still not recieved the files and made a paypal claim (will have more info on that later )

he is now saying he has send the files but he is a liar

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I said a friend of mine has the files (Which he does). You then said you wanted them the same day and I said to you that I will try my hardest to get you them the same day but there was no promise. Then I spoke to my friend he said he had the files so I sent him the $50 which you had sent me for them and he said he'll have them for me in the next few days which I told you. Then it was Saturday and I went out with my family so wasn't online that day and came online to a barrage of messages and an email from PP saying you'd asked for a refund and $50 had been deducted from my account.

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Well just like anyone else will say:

"Wheres your proof" if your gonna call someone a scammer you gotta back it up and provide proof.

You really don't need proof, one can just say that he is a scammer. Evidence and proof only helps out. But one does not need the proof or evidence to be able to say one is a scammer. People can take it with a grain of salt if they want.

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