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"delete" and "where" - both sql keywords. Most likely someone has installed something to str_replace sql keywords with null.

Try the following words;



Also, search your script.

  • Check your database table forum_replies to see if the words are missing there, if they are, check the function that processes the reply (forums.php)
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Create, drop, and alter all appear fine.

There is no forum_replies table on mine, but there is a forum_posts table. When I checked the table for the latest test post, the same two did not appear (delete and where). However, I can add "delete" and "where" to a post via MySQL.

Do you have a line number I can find? There's 906 lines in forums.php and I'm not sure what to look for.

Hmm, okay...

Do you have Skype so I can assist better?


  • Go to your forums, and reply to a thread.
  • Inspect the URL and check the action value.
  • Go to your forums source, and find the 'switch & case' section, and retrieve the function name from that (from the action value found earlier).
  • Copy that function here
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Im having this exact same problem, which part did you remove from the global functions was it

function Clean($Var) {

if (get_magic_globals_gpc() == 1) {

$Var = stripslashes($Var);


$Var = mysql_real_escape_string(htmlentities($Var));

return $Var;


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