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What Engine matches my needs most in your opinion?


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Hello together,

I searched a lot at google and never found some supported engines. I really wonder why this forum never showed up. Well.

Would you share you experience with all thoose browsergame engines?

I want to work on a browsergame which featues like:




Which are features like:

- create a character and level him up with fights and quests

- use an avatar generator to create nice images and different races with different classes

- create or join a guild and spend some money upgrading guild houses for extra bonuses

- finish random quests and follow a main quest story

- buy and sell equip at a merchant. better equip for premium money

- have some fun doing dungeons or pvp with the guild. 1v1 till all enemies are dead

- ofc messaging, attribute skilling, toplist, achievemens and stuff like every game


Any ideas? Which one is most similar? Thankuu :)

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I would say ezRPG or NWE. ezRPG is modular, it's easy to make modules and customize for your needs, the community is starting to come back again, and it is currently being updated frequently and many ideas on it yet to come.

The reason why I'd also would recommend you to take a look is at NWE because it offers many modules, it very beginner friendly and have nice support. It's licensed though, and you'd have to pay to get an license, and eventually need to pay for some modules as well. However, making a game also requires a budget, so most likely nothing you would do without a starter economy.

Why I would chose ezRPG over NWE is because of the very simple architecture and good boilerplate it has to offer, NWE seems more bloated, and when in comparasion I always tend to pick a open source project rather than some commerical projects, because in the end open source rocks.

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I'm just giving you the list i would use. You should go read more about them.

NEaB's creator is here on the forum.

NEaB uses PHP/MySQL/javascript with a really nice graphical map system.

the one you would be looking for is Mini NEaB priced at $100.

This version comes with multiplayer. AKA: Can see others on the map in real time.

Before you adventure into owning/making a game you should really research on how these systems work. As some of the free graphical movement systems (even with 2 players actively moving) will lag.

For best of both worlds you should get atleast a VPS and after your userbase is higher a dedicated server.

If you need more information please visit our good friend google.

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Personally i would do a custom build for what you want, why spend hours of development time rte-structuring a engine for what you want and then having to code the features you want anyway. I am/was making a game very similar to what you described, feel free to pm and ill send you details of it.

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