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Mug Other Players

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Hello there NWE community! I am creating a module to mug other players through the combat module and I am almost done with it but here is a quick run down:

A player starts a combat session:



And if the player wins then they "Mug" money from that player


I added a user variable just incase people wanted to display mug stats like how much money a player has mugged from another

Things to come is:

A mug back feature, where if the attacker loses then the player attacked will take money from their beaten down body




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So, im having a little issue with the mugging back and can use a bit of help alain. Im looking at the start combat func and see a success link (which works fine) but the fail link im having a problem with. To me it looks like the only time it lets me use the fail link is if the inhospital function doesnt exist or if I leave the fail link blank. Is it supposed to be like that and/or is there a way to change it to be able to set a fail link and default to something if its blank?

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Does this notify the user about their loss and who did it?

How does the mugging take place through actual combat?

What stops a really high level players from just taking gold from all the weaker ones?


1. I haven't actually looked at this code in a while but I believe I send a message to the player if not I can add that in easily

2. Through the start player combat function. This function is quite nice the way it is set up.

3. Nothing stops them I didn't add any type of safeguard to protect weak players. if your economy is balanced right weak, or lower players won't have a lot of money so the big guys probably won't waste their AP on them that often ;)

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