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Game Owner Tip's of the day


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I am in need of a game owner's tip of the day thing so lets build one. I figured this would only help me, but while doing this we all help each other by posting small tip's on how to run and manage games.


1) Be sure to add unique content frequently

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Here is one and is only my personal opinion:

Remember you CANNOT make every game player happy.

There is alway going to be people who want change but most of the time its only to benefit themselves, every once in a while you get a good suggestion

but even a broken clock is right twice a day so there are exceptions to the rule.

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Treat donators and non-donators exactly the same.

In most games out there, you see the admin treating donators better than nons. Being more lenient with them when it comes to breaking the rules, etc. I understand donators pay for servers etc ... but the nons on your game do a hell of a lot to keep your game alive.

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