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Well either you save the previous stats on files, or you use a table to save them. But is it all that useful? As your races are mainly or only random, which means, historical data are useless to know which "horse" will win next race. Real life races are over real horses which do have an history, different strength and medical issues. All that, unless simulated will not be the case in your game.

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ok you aren't understanding me, in the register fiile, it adds in the stats of a new player to the user stats table. I created 3 different races users could choose from at register. Human, Elf, and Dwarf. Now instead of just making every race start out with all stats at 10, I want to make some stats different according to race

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An extension of what Guest wrote;


<?php #colours
$races = array(1 => 'Human', 2 => 'Elf', 3 => 'Dwarf');
if( array_key_exists('race', $_POST) ) {
$race = ( in_array($_POST['race'], $races) ) ? $races[$_POST['race']] : 1; /* Default race is Human */'
switch($race) {
  case 'ELF' : 
          $agility += 10; /* Plus 10 agility */
   case ' 'HUMAN' :
           $strength += 20; /* Plus 20 strength */
   default :
           $guard += 5; /* Plus 5 guard */

/* now for the form */
echo '<select name="race">';
foreach($races as $race_id => $race_label) {
  echo '<option value="'. $race_id .'">'. $race_label .'</option>';
echo '</select>';
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Or you could remove the need to add switch cases each time, and just have data held in the array which is accessed through the page


$races = array
   1 => array('name' => 'Human', 'strength' => 10, 'agility' => 10, 'guard' => 10), 
   2 => array('name' => 'Elf',   'strength' => 20, 'agility' => 20, 'guard' => 20),
   3 => array('name' => 'Dwarf', 'strength' => 30, 'agility' => 30, 'guard' => 30)

if(($race = $races[ $_POST['race'] ]) > 0) 
   echo "You chose the race, {$race['name']} to be your character class, so you start with ".
        "{$race['strength']} strength, {$race['agility']} agility and {$race['guard']} guard.";

echo '<form action="" method="post">
<select name="race">';
foreach($races as $id => $data) 
  echo '<option value="'. $id .'">' . $data['name'] . '</option>';
echo '</select>
<br />
<input type="submit" name="submit" value="Go!">';


Note: this works as is, so you can test without adding to another code.

Very elegant.

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