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I've been looking into developing a simple game, are there many rails developers on here?

As soon as the new TLDs start getting rolled out i may have a game to show. For now I have a simple game platform which i will be slowly implementing more features. Is there any demand for text based games any more? I used to play torncity and there seems like theres a lot of people playing the game.


Would it be a good idea to develop a new game? Would you play it?

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It may be more beneficial to have stand-alone native apps that interact with your game, for IOS/Android.

(But then again, despite the whole mobile first frenzy, it doesn't mean you have to follow suit.)

Though still keep in mind a mixture of <caution buzzwords ahead> Adaptive Design and Responsive Design, for every other device being used.

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Well rails has great JSON implementation so any AJAX would be relatively straight forward (in theory), however for development sake the first stage would be to create a solid platform..

Currently i'm working on creating some sort of system to increment vitals using a before filter. I used to develop MCCodes and the cronjob system was a joke

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