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Selling NW engine


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orsino should keep his license, and just wait 1-2 weeks for most of his lacking in NWE:

1) auto log out system users log out afther 10 min because i keep staying online now

=> should be in but maybe something is not working, I will check it on Monday.

2) attack players and hospital them (using ap)

=> many asked for it, will tweak that beginning next week. Should not take me long.

3) house system

=> was planned since day 1, but didn't do it. So I will do it next week. I promise something for end of next week.

4) company system

=> no clues what he want here. If somebody can explain it, I shall do it.

5) Award system : players can get awards and would be showing on profile ( player gets somthing for the reward )

=> that could be mostly be done via the current quest system. If you want we can discuss it further.

6) Locations : adding time to go to a other location

=> nothing need to be programmed here as you can already add conditions to the location links. I could simply add a "time check" in the wizard if this is an issue.

7) referral link : players getting somthing for recruiting friends

=> will work something coming week, and you should have it by end of next week.

8) donation option buying 31 donator days and getting points to trade for things

=> That's not currently in, but could be done quiet easily by expanding the premium system. Will work on that, maybe the coming week as well.

9) ban option to ban users

=> will add a ban option in the admin menu, should be pretty much easy.

10) more clan options

=> Illusions worked on a lot of things for the clans, he shall talk about it.

So overall, if those are the lacking items of NWE, it's question of 1-2 weeks and you would have them. Again simply ask and I shall do my best to add the required features.

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op got a point though, if he is not willing learn some PHP, running a browser game just might not be his thing. No matter how generic the engine is made, I think you really must know basic PHP and how the web work in general. Learning that takes time.

Good list of upcoming stuff I see. Point 8 I really think should be done by Alain as its a very central core feature, and many modules will be built around it.

10) I talked with as well, and tested it for him. Good changes he made. I do know that he will need a hook placed for Clan created, so he dont have to change the clan module itself

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Well i have a double feeling about this ( i do believe A bertrand will do alot for the engine )

first of all its true what someone is saying you need to know the basic of php so here i am having problems like on point 6 add a time check don't know what to do

this problem will return on some parts of the game

point 4 i am meaning like company on Torn players start they company and need other players for the work

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If you are not able to add a time check inside the current system which basically allows any PHP code as check, you will not be able to work with any other engine either. Sorry but thinking of buying McCodes and make a game running without modifying the code is a pure non sense. Don't trust CB on this, McCodes IS NOT a ready to be played game nor it will ever be. You must have some PHP knowledge or you must be willing to learn. NWE offers some easy ways to add content, but will never be a ready to be played game either. Why? Because you would end up with just a game like many others, and that's certainly not what you want. So take your time, and start learning PHP. No other ways around.

I never played Torn, nor I'm interested to check what and how they do things. You will need to describe fully what you want, and then we shall see if that make sense as an official module for NWE or not even if I would say at first, it may be a good module to include.

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i am not selling this engine to buy a other engine i know i would be having the same problem

Well how long have you been doing this? It takes a while to learn just take me for example, I am not good what so ever and im still trying to get the hang of this engine.

Just stick it out and there are some people here that will help you. I'll try to help you where I can though I can not guarantee it will be the best ;)

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Just keep the engine, and practice the coding of it, it can't be that hard, there is a lot of help on this forum, and other places if you don't know something all you have to do is ask. PHP takes time learning even after you think you know all of it, their is always something new you did not know. This is a good learning place for such!!

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