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[Critical] Looking for a Coder


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Hi Guys,

One of my business partners requires a coder who is able to able to modify the Dolphin CMS framework to their needs.

Some of the features needed:

user's status update like in facebook with likes and comments, links and youtubes etc.

show top rated users in 2 cols (boys cols, girls col)

new members (boys, girls)

anyone can vote to a member (without registration) simple mechanism for not voting twice by some fingerprint

send message to other users (inbox etc.), registered users only

"additional info" -- show user profile, age, weight, agree to model underwear etc.

"find friends" from your region/name or your facebook

video chat & text chat

banners, sides and top

favorite members

contact us

comments also on pictures

contests (according to the rating)

(Most of those are already coded into Dolphin CMS)

More information can be given to those interested.

Budget is unspecified yet so offers are welcomed.

If you are interested please do not hesitate to add me on skype - frostyisfrozen

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lol my reputation on MWG, Anyone who actually knows me knows my reputation is far from trash. Your an immature child who bases opinions off whats said online by the majority of the people you know. In all honesty I have never done a thing for MWG in particular but trash things lmao I should have a bad rep. You dont know my 13 year resume, you dont know how many full time job offers I receive weekly (and how many I have received for years), YOU DONT KNOW ME. lol I find it funny that people actually think they know me, or anyone on here would think I care what they think of me. Bill gates had a bad reputation for the longest, *** does reputation mean? Must still be in highschool or something :)

That said, come with something more relavent than "reputation", and honestly thats not even valid since the majority of my reputation is so far from trash MWG doesnt even count xD. Your lucky I'm a lot nicer than I used to be lmao, I can actually provide facts proving you and your idiot mob are idiots <--(same reason I am hated now, factual based comments cut deep LMFAO).

since I know mwg always has atleast 3 more idiots following the first, I'll just add that anyone else can save their comments also since 9/10 you dont know me either -.- hmph LMFAO.

(daily drama takes my mind off work haha, I love you guys!)

You really don't help your reputation, in any post, I've ever seen you post on here.

Constant insults to the community, consistent use of things like "lol,xD,-.-,LMFAO" etc. You can't expect people to start respecting you if you claim to be a good coder but treat everyone who has an opinion on you like dirt.

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CavellA, I base my opinions which I am entitled to on your comments and your attitude towards other people and i have personally determined (without direct input from anyone) that you are not someone that I would work with as you have no decency or professionalism towards anyone as far as I can see, if I was to work with you I would expect daily headache and possibly even the thought of getting scammed by you, and that is based solely on how I see you conduct yourself.

The Visiolist developer Basti is a really nice guy and I respect him because he is an honest and professional guy, even "if" his code was complete trash I would take him over you any day as you are a problematic person in general and working with you would be a nightmare.

And for the record I have not bashed your "coding" skills as I have not seen them therefore I said nothing about them so I do not see why you would mention them in this thread, but I assume you are trying to prove something but it is irrelevant to me.

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Again you speak about your resume as if you have something to prove yet you claim you have absolutely nothing to prove then why do you keep mentioning your resume when no one is challenging it, well I'm not anyway. I did not challenge your abilities as a coder, I just gave you my opinion of yourself as you gave your opinion of a friend of mine who I believe to be a decent person and I never said that "I know you" all I technically said is "I have created an opinion of you based on your actions on this forum" I do not know you in the world world and based on the impression of you I got here nor would I.

Therefor the "hate" as you call it is not pointless and retarded as it has a strong foundation.

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LMFAO, you were solid in the first post now just going down hill man save it. Strong foundation? Nothings that strong unless you know someone. You know me on the forum lol thats A foundation...I wouldnt call it strong by any means. Thats like walking into a building spending all your time in 1 room and claiming you know the entire building O.o just makes little sense. You might have a pretty strong sense of what the rooms like, but outside of that particular room you know nothing which makes your "foundation" limited at best.

You might not see it as a strong foundation but I my head and the way I think I do, you character is judged by your actions regardless of where they take place online/irl, I never said "I know you" I said that I have formed an opinion of you.

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Thread locked, if you wish to discuss each others reputations here, then PM is a good place to go. :)

Frosty if you need this thread unlocked, for reasons relating to the original motive behind the thread, let a staff member know and they *should* clean it up for you.


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