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Bored - want a small project


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Basically I want to start a small project nothing majorly big as that's where I always go wrong, I start it then don't finish it either because the work involved s too much or a lack of funding. But ATM I'm clueless as what to do, so is there anything that you think would be handy for you. It doesn't have to generate money and preferably not to do with a game engine is I don't want make this mod for is game bla bla bla

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I know you are not looking to work on a game, but gonna throw this out there.

Would you be interested in working on a 2D MMO in HTML5?

I dont really expect to earn anything from it as it will be mostly for learning purposes for me.

Technology I plan to use as of now is:




I have no clue how Node or socket.io work, but have been meddling around with craftyjs for a while now. Once I feel confident with using Craftyjs I shall learn node and socket to bring a bit of MMO aspect to it.

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