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Game Advertising - Signups, Page Views and Banner Rotation.


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Hello MWG, I am apart of The Empire Network. We have been working very hard on our first GPT website. We have close to 2,000 members as of today. I am here today to offer you Signups, Page Views and Banner Rotation. But before we get into that here's a little bit of background on this service.

We have only been running this service for about a month now and already we have served : 334,889 Page Views

152,547 Signups

2,152,689 Impressions via Banner Rotation

Here is a list of our prices. -


10 Signups for $4.00

20 Signups for $7.50

50 Signups for $17.50

100 Signups for $30.00

200 Signups for $50,00

500 Signups for $100.00

1000 Signups for $175.00

2500 Signups for $300.00

5000 Signups for $500.00

Page Views

(5sec Display time for) 100+ hits for $2.00

(5sec Display time for) 200+ hits for $3.50

(5sec Display time for) 500+ hits for $8.00

(5sec Display time for) 1000+ hits for $14.00

Banner Rotation

5000 Impressions for $6.00

10000 Impressions for $11.00

25000 Impressions for $26.00

50000 Impressions for $50.00

100000 Impressions for $92.00

Custom packages are available upon request.

Any questions can be directed to me here in a PM or on Skype at Demon.FM

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Okay, cleaned up.

Keep it on topic.

If you wish to alert others, simply create a thread in the collab experiences forum, and link to it in this thread, as a warning.

*Sorry Sniko & Razor, your posts were fine, yet related to the off-topic posts, so they were removed.

Edit: Here is your warning, though it is not my opinion.

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