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1.1.2 Update

*Set sizes of embedded links through the module manager.

*Set max amount of embedded videos in each posting, this counts both links and [yt] tags.

*Added [yt] BB code. [yt=small|medium|large]videoid[/yt] Pixel sizes for each size can be set in module manager

Module available fro free here



Credit for the "all known youtube links" regex goes to ridgerunner @ http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5830387/php-regex-find-all-youtube-video-ids-in-string



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Yes, there is.

To define your own BB code , just mak a new module, make a file called pretty_message.php then do what you want todo with the variable $sourceText

If you want to implement this in your own system, the regex used is available in the link I posted.

I tried to find the hook pretty_message.php in the documentation, but it is missing in the list of hooks.


EDIT: It has now been added at http://www.nw-engine.com/wiki/index.php/Pretty_message.php

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Understandable regarding the time limit. Just wanted to point out.

I will improve the module to also allow for [yt]videoid[/yt] BB code, That way user can also set the size he wishes for the video.

And a setting for default embedded size when parsing yt links.

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