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Hi all!

A couple days back im have started to make a new game engine.

It's as good as finished, but needs testing...

I have set up a new domain for it, what comes with a forum, on this forum people can ask for help.

People are also alowed to create modifications/templates and share/sell them on the forum.

Some information about the engine:

  • It's written in html5/css3/PHP5/MySQLi (not any OO).
  • Passwords are hashed by SHA512 and a salt.
  • It's easy to use, even for beginners.
  • It's free to use.
  • Members can post there own modifications/templates free/paid on the forums.
  • It's uses cronjob (DirectAdmin/cPanel etc etc).
  • No code uses from other sources.
  • Engine uses header/footer files, so templating is not so hard.
  • Engine uses .htaccess file for mod_rewrite, so you have nice urls.


So the main reason why i added this thread is, that i need testers for the engine.

You can reply here on this topic or create a account on my forum and place any reply there.

So if the engine is bugfree, i will create the download and will post it on my forum.

Urls: Will be offline @ 23 Dec.

Main forum: RPG Engine

Demo Engine: RPG Engine Demo

I have added a demo account.

You only have to click on it in the menu.

But remember it's better to create a own account ;)

Because the domain will be down @ 23 dec, i have added the download to this topic.

I wont renew the domain, because not many uses the site.




English is not my main language, sorry for the wrong typo's!


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Added download
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Didn't bother downloading as you have to sign up to download it. However it's pretty basic and needs a ton more features for it to become popular imo.

Good luck

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Ian, just do what I did and use a spambox.

Personally, I use:


But there are many more :)

Edit I use them for facebook etc too. Sick of having mailboxes rammed with **** :(

Ha thanks bud, thought you disappeared.

Taking a look now

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No, that's not the reason why. The reason ezRPG was dropped to the graveyard was because of the main developer (the guy behind the wheel) Zeggy mystically disappeared, development stopped and it died quietly... However, now, some of us who used ezRPG + one of the developer when Zeggy still was around is trying to make the project going again, and we're kinda doing well!

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I agree with Aventro on this. If used OO is much easier in my opinion as generally it is layed out much better allowing a easier read other than Procedural where it's a page with functions. Each to there own I guess.

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