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How do you make the level harder


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Am sorry i still have no clue what to do here is that part of the file

function check_level()


global $db;

global $ir,$c,$userid;

$ir['exp_needed']=(int) (($ir['level']+1)*($ir['level']+1)*($ir['level']+1)*2.2);

if($ir['exp'] >= $ir['exp_needed'])











$ir['exp_needed']=(int) (($ir['level']+1)*($ir['level']+1)*($ir['level']+1)*2.2);

$db->query("UPDATE users SET level=level+1,exp=$expu,energy=energy+2,brave=brave+2,maxenergy=maxenergy+2,maxbrave=maxbrave+2,

hp=hp+50,maxhp=maxhp+50 where userid=$userid");


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