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Text Based mafia game


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Really, Raven Script??

Username: MWGDemo

Password: mwgdemo

If you wanted to go cheap you could have gotten the MC Code free edition then atleast you dont run the risk to get shut down

Now on to the game, what kind of stuff do you have to keep players interested in the game, and what kind of stuff are you going to get?

This is all stuff you should describe when posting about your game. Also a new template would be nice instead of the default template.

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Confused it wasnt so long ago you was sking how to set up this script and already have a working game i can see from the time line that you have not had enough time to implement anything to the game IE items setup and so forth ive been building my own game for near on 18 months now and im still not happy with it. although all the coding has been done and most of the items added. i wanted to make sure that all items were worth their cost. i cant see this from the time youve had to setup your game...

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I completely agree with illusions and skooda. You will soon find out it takes more than a few days to get a complete game to play, it may be playable out of the box but watch as users stay for about 5 minutes and never return. I dont mean to sound like I am bashing but take this as constructive feedback. I had a game I worked on a localhost for 5 or so months and what I stated about users playing for 5 minutes happened to me.

Its a tough world out there and its not an easy couple bucks let me tell you.

Here are some things to think about:

Come up with a story to the game and try to wrap the gameplay around that cause it will help players to try to "win".

Dont open everything from the start, make people unlock certain areas of the game by maybe location, level, and maybe even gang status just to name a few ideas.

These are just some basic tricks of the trade, by not letting players access certain areas or "hiding" them can also make it seem like you are constantly adding stuff to the game even though It was there on day one.

Maybe take a look here:


As sniko said I doubt you will find staff here since the majority of us own our own games hence the fact most of us are here to share ideas and help eachother out or seek help in a time of need.

And please dish out the money for a template and something original even though its said you cant always judge a book by its cover, we all know thats a bunch of BS. But then again a broken clock is right twice a day

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