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Modern Mafia


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  • *Squints eyes, still has trouble reading the text*
  • The navigation links are off on my screen *Wiggles mouse, ah, found it!*
  • After I register, the link is tiny...top of the screen
  • Oh cool! I always like it when I have to type in my login details again after register! /sarcasm (Auto-login would be handy)
  • I login, what is the aim of the game, what do I even do....why do I exist....
  • I now know why I exist, because I'm a rich. Without doing anything, I start with $500,000. (Economy.....)
  • I cannot even kill anyone...It's closed until there are more members...... Right.
  • Main menu is a dump of links...I don't like this...
  • I like the badges by the way, on profile ;)


Account Information

Username: mwguser

Passcode: mwguser


  • Footer is in the header o.0
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Definitely the font on login has to be changed can hardly even read it. The choice is bad. On your images inside the game at top add an attribute to them so we know what each one is for instead of needing to click to find out kind of stupid would not play it makes it confusing.

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