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Looking for a long-term graphics designer


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We are looking for a long-term graphics designer to join our team, we are looking for someone who can design templates, draw item pictures etc ... for more information please keep reading.

who is in the team

Christopher Day - Main Coder

Travis Kerr - Content Writer/Creative Mind

Impact Gaming

Impact gaming is a network of games designed and created by ourselves, there are many genres/styles/types of games, not just the typical McCodes games. The planned games are all at different stages of completion and will take about two to three years to complete (hence why we want a long term partner)

The Games

The Forbidden Age - a medieval game (that's all im giving away here lol)

Gangster Legends - A bog standard Gangster game

The mercenary - A military game

What were looking for

Someone who is able to design and create graphics for our game weather it be item images, templates etc...


You can be paid three different ways

- One off cash payments = you get paid for the work you do

- percentage = you will get a percentage of the network profits

- mixed = you can get paid a cash sum and get a percentage of the network profits


If you have any questions feel free to send me a PM, post below or email me at [email protected]


Impact gaming

The Forbidden Age

The Mercenary

Gangster Legends


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Ok first questions with payment

1. one off cash payment how much are we looking at etc.

2. percentage what kind of percent would this be of the profits or is it negotiable.

and also just a couple more what experience does the person have to have like with software they have to have experience within Photoshop, Illustrator but also with item images 3D Software (Blender, 3DS Max, MAYA) are they are requirement or can be also done in Illustrator, Photoshop.

also time span yes it says long term but what would be the hours requirement per week/day etc

Also your sites look real nice.

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Hmm this sounds very interesting.

Currently im all self taught with photoshop. I can make layouts, banners, logos, items and basic characters.

Some of my work

Some recent Layouts









My deviant art if you want to check out more of my stuff - http://kinetic9074.deviantart.com/

Atm im not too familiar with illustrator. But i have just started a course at college which involves working with photoshop and Illustrator. So i will be learning how to use it :)

I was also wondering is it just the graphics you need done? Or do you need someone to slice and code aswell?


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