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I would say no. If you know how to program then I would suggest starting from scratch. If you do not and are just starting, I would suggest nwe. I have heard multiple people complain about the difficulty of using Redux, though have not myself taken a look at it fully, but only to implement a template for someone.

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lol i have never looked at NWE but i heard people complain about it.

If you have worked with v2 i would suggest redux as a update, when v3 comes out im sure they will do a upgrade fee for redux to v3 but i don't know about v2 => v3 (this is speculation not confirmed no need to reply trolling this i would prefer a pm)

Redux can seem difficult at first but if your confident with v2 then redux will be a breeze compared. Going to a completely different engine maybe slightly more confusing than Redux.

How did you find the template script peter?

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Support from Mcc is sporadic at best and many have posted about having to wait weeks for replies Paul so whilst I have never had to submit one please do not state that you offer support

I dont have to download the latest version I downloaded it a few weeks back to assist someone fixing bugs which had been reported several months ago.

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