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MafiaHeros (0.1 Alpha)


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MafiaHeros is a web based mafia-style browser based RPG, which means you don't have to download anything at all, you play it all in your web browser. In MafiaHeros, you choose your own path. Whether you want to train your stats and become the strongest player, or become a gang president and actually effect and change aspects of the game, it is entirely up to you.


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  • You haven't really 'sold' the game to us in your thread... (Remember, most of us are developers, not players)
  • Exterior game needs visually updating
  • Interior game needs visually updating
  • Story line....?
  • My reregistration message was blank
  • Nothing really stands out to be unique
  • I log-in, now what? I just train?


(I know it's ALPHA, but some things to think about before you go into BETA, perhaps...?)

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  • 2 weeks later...

There's a bunch of reasons to have multiple servers, but for something this small, no.

The purpose of using multiple servers is to decentralize an application, such as a game engine, when a normal server can't handle the load any more.

But, there's no reason to have multiple servers just because you think it's cool.

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Or you could use multiple servers to have different game settings on... Of course, having two copies for about 10 users, that's not really a wise thing to do, I'd say.

Indeed that is not wise to do, but it would be good for ppl that wanne be the best, instead of getting in the game with already ppl above the level 100.. after ppl reach such high levels new servers could be made, so ppl can actually get a chance of being the best >.< instead of resets.. because thats just pointless

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Well here's my game settings using 2 servers

Server1: Freedom; They is no stat deductions at night. Shop prices are lower by 5%, Bank interest 4% [1], Bank interest 8%[2]

Server2: Locked; Stats deducted by 0.5% every night [1], Stats deduction by 0.3%[2], Bank interest 2%[1] Bank interest 4%[2] Shop prices[3] 100% + [3]

[1]= non donator

[2]= donator

[3]= Prices change if they is a set leader (1% - 15% TAX)


So having 2 servers here is a good option.

Freedom gives the user the chance to see what the game is like.

Locked gives the user a more intense game play [Hard mode]

But in his game I think 2 servers is killing it.

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