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Game engine features?!


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What do you want in a game engine?

What game engines do you like and why?

What game engines do you hate and why?

What are must have features for you to even consider purchasing an engine?

I pose the questions above just for future knowledge if i or someone else were to create and game engine.

Thanks in advance for replies!

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I like MC codes. EzRPG and Bertrand new engine. I never purchased any engine or used at but have seen all code for them and they all set standard for new games and allowed others to learn from.

For me to purchase any engine it must have graphics rendering and some sort of easy plug system.

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For me an engine should be the framework where you build a game. Therefore stats, items characteristics, or game rules should not be hard coded. Even if the game rules may be hard to keep out of the code, for the remaining it's pretty much easy to do if you do it right.

The engine should help for the security (but cannot prevent the game owner / mod developer do stupid things), should offer a safe and clean base code, offer a good DB layer, and a modular system. If you have those you are already with a good start.

Now of course if you do it for others, you will need as well to attract potential customer (being your engine free or not) therefore you will need to offer as much pre-made as possible as today it seems a lot of potential game owners are on the super-lazy side. Which means, you should offer all kind of modules at least in a first iteration style (which means maybe they will not be complete, but at least they are there), offer a good admin panel, and potentially some initial content to help the person taking your engine to start with it.

Should an engine be a pre-made game? Ideally no, but if you offer the flexibility to change it to basically any kind of game, then you may offer some content which could be used as is.

Must the engine be text or graphic? Doesn't matter much, even if on Make Web Games it seems most runs for a mainly text game.

Honestly I don't hate any engine, I may not like how things are done in some, or the code style / quality of another, but hate is word way too strong for my feeling. Any engine could offer some stuff that none of the other offer.

Personally I will hardly buy an engine ;) Me spends money on 3D tools and other hardly on PHP code.

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An engine in modern days needs to be a platform, in my eyes anyway.

There are tons of frameworks out there to do anything you can think of.

A well written engine should be the core(or base) that communicates with different frameworks.

Because, a framework is just that, a frame to house libraries in, nothing more, it doesn't offer abstraction between different players within an application.

Although an engine in older days was not referenced to having any aspect of "design" or "look and feel", for modern engines it's a requirement, unless it's only set out to perform one task - a templating engine is an example hereof.

Pre-calculated content is also a must, as it defines usage to clients.

An example of this can be a script looking for specific input, and generating a predetermined output. If a client doesn't know the input, the output may be scrambled.

The same logic applies to software, and the same reason 100% of software have default configurations.

Features I would look for when buying an engine:

- Scalability

- Abstraction

- Modularity

- Integrity(or the ability to keep)

- Security

Features I look for when buying any software:

- Design

- User-friendliness

- User-interaction control(able to disable interaction with me or syslogs)

- Configurable

- Reputability

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