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How much disc space/bandwidth does the minute cron take up?


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Nope sorry thats the meaning of life :D

Why would your host want to know that? Seems a bit odd. The size of your crons in kb size isnt really an issue. Never will be. Bandwidth doubt it either. Now cpu wise possible however I doubt that even with a minute cron as long as your queries are optimized.

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That's a question ... how do you optimize a query? Do you mean specifying the field you want as opposed to using the asterisk to pull your data? How do you know when it is optimized? What steps can you take to optimize them?

One thing that I have been doing is reducing the size of my users table. I think it has helped.

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Your on the right thought train there.

Indeed its common place to see select * from a table with far too many columns and your only checking to see if the hospital is 1 or more!!

However it goes way beyond the PHP side of it. Your mysql database should be made correctly. Reducing the overhead from badly designed tables.

MyTop and MySQL Tuner are pretty informative tools. Even a simple regular optimization of your database can make a massive difference!

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and what SRB said will go a long way to improving how your site runs.

For me it even comes down to MySQL itself.

There is a cPanel video out there somewhere which is quite good for setting up MySQL shows how badly the default install is!!

Then its your webhost. Who if on shared hosting to appease everyone installs every PHP module possible.

Personally first thing you should do. Uninstall MySQL and install either MariaDB or Percona.

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As long as your crons are being run locally and not by some 3rd party external thing they won't use any bandwidth. And their size is near nothing as all it does is run a few queries and maybe check to make sure it is actually supposed to run.

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