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Cheap Medieval Header/Login/Register .PSD[$10]


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Personally, harsh criticism is the best. If people are gonna sit around and tell you "That's awesome, really nice, well done" whereas in reality everyone's thinking "What the f*ck is this piece of sh*t?" then it's not gonna be ANY help to you. If you don't like people criticising your work, then unfortunately graphics is not the best area for you. Man the f*ck up, take it on the chin, go to some tutorial sites and produce something that will turn heads. Man, I suck at Graphics and I probably could have produced what you're trying to sell for $10.

Edit: Also, GTFO with these Spelling and Grammar wars, I hate it when there's a topic in which 3-4 pages are taken up by some pointless argument on how thing should be spelt, or what punctuation is correct. Who cares?

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No, I'm not gonna go for it, Graphics is not my area, so I stay away from it.

Constructive Criticism is the best form, yes, but I also personally like it to be told how it is. Sometimes you won't like it, most of the time you will probably never like it, but that's the only way you will improve. You can't always please everyone, you can please the majority, but your main focus should be to please the few who are always ready to criticise your work. That is when you know you have achieved something ;)

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