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What is best?


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Now I have some more time on my hands I have been looking into doing more graphics work/designing as was curious as to which programmes (be them free or commercial) would you guys recommend?

A few people have stated photoshop as a good beginning tool to learn with but was curious if there is another programme that you consider superior or generally a better updated version of Photoshop so I dont waste any money.

I basically want to be able to create templates and also for example, have a picture and hide 'links' inside it with ease. My main purpose of the picture and links idea is because I help disabled children and want to try and create some puzzles and games that will help with their cognitive development and understanding.

So what do you guys think?

Thanks in advance.

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For sure photoshop is the best. Yet you may be able to do all what you need with GIMP. I would start with GIMP and see if it's enough. If not then, try photoshop. In any case if you never worked with such tool it will require quiet some time before being able to really use them.

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The majority of people have said Photoshop, yet, when I use the Adobe package at college, I tend to use Fireworks, due to it being, in my view, better.

They have different uses so it depends on what you want to achieve. For logo design for example, Photoshop is not the best adobe product to use.

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I have been using MS Paint, Paint.NET to do simple things and use a few icon and button programmes you find free on the net.

I have downloaded GIMP to give that a try and a friend is going to do a screen share to show me what PhotoShop can do :)

Thanks for all the feedback and thoughts.. Got to admit, its rather exciting moving onto a different path... :)

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