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New Game Engine Development (Coder Needed 750$)


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Alright everyone i am looking to have a completely new Script/Layout created from top to bottom this project is somthing i have been trying to get started for the past 2 months what i am looking for is a Crime RPG like bootleggers.us or some what like the GL Script but i want this to be some what different, Please add me to face book or PM message me here also if you want to get involved with this project, i will be paying 750$ (usd) with a 25% down payment untill game is finished.

Alright this is what i want for the whole ranking process i dont want all the brave/mood/energy just want the players you rank by doing crimes/gta/orginized crimes (4 player team robs a casino or bank to get money and rank %) and they will not be levels they will have ranks starting at the lowest Steet Bum and with only the ammount of $2,500 now with the crimes there will be 6 diffrent ones to choose from the first at the top being the easyist/lowest paying to do/get same with GTA (grand theft auto) an with that there will only be 8 cars in the whole game ranging from what there worth $5,000 - $65,000 and for the OC (orginzed crime) it will cost $25,000 to start an oc and you will have to be ranked to the 5th rank in the game to be able to start an oc but any rank can join. Also there will be another way to make money called Hustling, this is where the player can travel from state to state where the drugs are at diffrent prices and buy and sell to make a profit there will be 7 diffrent type of drugs they can buy and sell at diffrent prices in each state prices from $75-$1,100 an each rank can only carry a minunum of drugs to buy an sell the higher the rank the more you can buy and carry to sell.

now to the casinos, i want players to be able to gamble and hold casino to gain profit there will be Blackjack (pick up price $400,000)/Keno (pick up price $600,000)/Roulette($500,000)/Race Track($500,000)/Slot Machines ($600,000)

Also there will be Bullet Factorys players can also pickup and hold these to make profit and sell bullets there be $1,000,000 to pick up and produce 500 bullets every hour and cost $15,000 to produce every time.

There will also be Crews players will be able to create a crew there will only be able to be a total of 6 crews in the game and it will cost $750,000 to make one and they will have to be ranked to the 6th rank to make a crew, when a crew is made they will have there own crew forum an also the boss will be able to apect other players into the crew and also make other members to underboss an there will be a crew bank where only the boss and under boss have access too and the boss and underboss will have mod powers for the crew fourm and to kick or add new members to the crew, any rank can join a crew tho.

there will be a kill furture where players can use there bullets to kill other players im sure you know how to set this up as i see it in ur game.

there will be a hitlist where users can hitlist other players with money to have someone killed and the killer is reward whatever ammount of money is put up.

there will be an escrow where users can send escrow to each other to transfer Points/credits, Casinos/bullet factorys, Cars, bullets, this makes it safe so users can not get scammed as easy and makes transtions run smooth and safe for users.

there will be a Federal Bank where players can send money to each other, it will charge a 10% transfer fee even in escrow also this fee counts... also they can bank there money here and earn 3% intrest on there money... it will show last 10 transfers and last 10 recevied.

there will be Points, users will be able to buy points using Paypal this is real money USD$ 5$-10pts 10$-60pts 20$-100pts 40$-400pts 60$-600pts 80$-800pts 100$-1,000pts, with the points players can use them for this 10pts-Travel immediately/ 10pts- 500bullets/ 100pts-best protection/ 100pts-best weapon/ 10pts- $10,000/ 60pts-reset oc timer (have to wait 4 hours after your last oc to do this)

Airport this is will you can travel to diffrent states

Statistics page where it shows all the info on the game, game total money/total users/crews/total dead/total banned/banked money/total crimes commited/total gta's/total messages sent/total bullets/total jail brakes

Jail this is where users can end up while trying to do crimes/gta's... other users can try to bust them out and gain a rank % if they bust them but can also end up in jail too!

there will be a FAQ Page explaing all the rules and terms.

will be a News page telling all the updates and importing things going on.

Help desk this is where players can create a help desk ticket asking/ or telling Admins/mods about anything they need help with bugs/expoits/help with game

there will be a States page, this is just where it shows the 9 diffrent states and all the casinos/bullet factory's shows who owns them or if they are not owned it will say None in black letters they cant be picked up on this page you must travel or be in the state and click on the casino or bullet factory to pickup the property and it cost the ammount of money that i told you.

Profile page this is where users can edit there profiles and all that kinda stuff

Fourms... game fourm/Crew Fourm/Classifieds/Mailbox(inbox)/off topic fourm/send letter

Please Note the game will need detail Admin and Mod Control Panels! also the players will need control panels for there casinos/bullet factorys when they pickup and hold them ( it alows them to see the profits and change there maxbets)


Screen shots of what i want











Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003237702264

Msn: [email protected] (msn is broke atm)

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As we exchanged private messages, I would say you are simply under-estimating the whole work involved in creating a full engine from scratch.

For me it's simply impossible to come up with a good code, with all the features you ask and yet with something which will not block you the next time you want to add something, and yet with a unique code / script (so don't re-use an existing engine) in less than 6 months nearly full time. And that would be for me a price more like 50'000$ not 750$. Yet... you may find cheaper guys, but if they work full time for you for 6 month and ask less than 30K... then skip them as they will simply not have the skills.

Also you asked to be done in middle March, yea sure... how do you expect somebody will manage to deliver all that in such short amount of time? Sorry wake up, and use a pre-made engine or do it yourself.

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Gl would be fine

i told you using a GL Script would be fine and editing/adding a few futures would be ok, im not looking for it to be compelty finish just Alpha stage.

i dont expect to have a fully finished game done with in 1 month of time.

im simply looking for someone to just start the project.

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Maybe you need to talk to srachit again :) But $750 for a full game won't cut it. Not even if one is allowed to use an existing game script. Any self respecting developer, who's not bored out of his mind, will accept such offer. I'm sorry to say, but that's just the reality.

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I agree $750 does not cut it. A coder is paid from $25-150 an hour depending on their skill. $750 for new engine made from scratch and plus not to mention designing of the game in and out, is going to cost you way much more then $750, when there is people out there that will pay between $25k-200k for this. Unless you find someone that really needs that $750 but even then they may not even do it, and just tell you they will. That is like $31 a week lol funny if you do the math!

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I have found a coder to help me complete my project and he is working with me to get the engine completed you guys are right it is im possible to start from scratch and complete the script with in the time i was giving, so i decide to use a few different scripts that are not MMcodes more like GL and put alot of time and effort into editing and changing things around i will have a demo setup with in the next 3-4 days please be nice and dont give me any negativity feedback but i would love too hear any pointers and help.

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Well you cant ask not to give negative feedback, How are you going to learn and fix things if you dont have negative feedback. In all honesty its not going to be perfect the first time around and maybe not even the 20th time around. You just continue to make improvements and make it your own

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Never ever said to not do this. I said basically what everybody else told you as well: if you plan purely on making it done by somebody else it will first of all cost you much more than what you though, and secondly you will have issues very quickly like something to fix and you don't understand what it is. Also my second issue was your time scale as you underestimate how much work making a game is.

It would be absurd that I don't want you to make a game.

However before loosing money for nothing, think carefully, learn invest the time and do it yourself! Forget about having a good game in a short time, you will at the end invest 6-12 months if not even more. It's not time lost.

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Forget about having a good game in a short time, you will at the end invest 6-12 months if not even more. It's not time lost.

I would say that you would have to (at minimum) triple that amount of time. First you have to understand how the language works and how it interacts with the database. Even with some programming background AND having the McCodes V.2 to work with, I have been at this for 15 months. I would say that I have about 15-20 percent of what I want done - done. And that's with all the help that I get from the generous people here who help when I get stuck. Of course, I do work full time and can't dedicate more than 2-3 hours a night to this. For Asap2Stack to say in post 7 that he will have a demo up in 3-4 days just blows my mind. I can't see anyone being able to do this unless they have 100+ coders and a Kray to work with. Just my opinion of course.

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Coding a new engine is not easy never less a short dedication, its a life time dedication, or how ever long you wish to keep the engine updated. Without updates your game does not go anywhere, and will fail.

Your better off grabbing a few links, or books and learn php,mysql,ect... Or do it the easy way and never learn and pay coders to code it for you,then after your done you *MIGHT* profit back the cash you paid out to have coders code it, but that is a little *might*.

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