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Hello everyone!

My name is Rachit and I am from http://www.makeyourownmmorpg.com. Our site is dedicated to helping others learn how to design, develop and run MMORPGs (specifically, browser games). My partner, Aaron, has even written a well acclaimed book on making your own MMORPGs (check it out here on Amazon). The book is packed with invaluable information, tips and tricks, and tons of resources for designing your own game.

We are currently running two contests on our site, one for people who are already experienced in making MMORPGs and one for people who are just starting out with their first game. Be sure to check them out!

Contest 1 (for existing game owners): Win a copy of the NEaB engine!

Contest 2 (for new game developers): Win a copy of the MCCodes engine!

We also have interviews with some renowned people of the online game development industry such as:

Alain Bertrand

ColdBlooded of MCCodes

Sergio from SOSfactory

On our site you’ll also find useful articles, reviews, and hundreds of resources. We would love to have you drop by our site, check out the resources, leave feedback and suggestions, and become involved in our efforts to turn our site into an indispensable resource for MMORPG developers.

Check us out: http://www.makeyourownmmorpg.com



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Sorry, this contest is all wrong. I own a game, then enter a competition to win a game engine. Seems strange really.

The contest is for people who want to use the NEaB engine, but the reason we are limiting the participants to only game owners is because we dont want to just give the engine away and not see anything done with it, we want the winner to be someone who has experience with games and will put in the work required to have a unique game up and running

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Well, If someone has put in the work to make a unique game, with it up and running, then surley they wouldnt need a new engine to make a genric game?

The requirement to enter also states that it has to be a tex based game, so here we are giving an opportunity to the contestant to make his next game a 2D game, also the NEaB engine offers a lot of customization so you are not stuck to any one kind of game

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Well, If someone has put in the work to make a unique game, with it up and running, then surley they wouldnt need a new engine to make a genric game?

To be honest I think it's more due to how complex NEAB is next to mccodes. V2 could easily be used by someone with only a little PHP experience where as NEAB would probably confuse the average mccodes game owner (the majority of game owners on mwg?).

What I will say is anyone considering entering the competition go to their website, and download the free version of NEAB. If you can't make heads or tails of it make sure you have some kind of support in place just in case you win. Don't want it to go to waste.

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I regularly play a web game based on the Richard Bartle game of Waving Hands, called Warlocks. I also have a game that's a little different, but equally as fun, which you can try out here:

The Grid: http://codeelf.com/games/grid/

Great to know! I'll definitely give your game a try


I like it but I think you'd be better off starting with a lot less forum categories. They're all great category ideas but having so many inactive makes the forum feel dead when it seems to have a fair amount of posts lately.

Thanks for your opinion, we will look into cutting down some categories :)

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Hello everyone,

Recently we at MYOM have recieved numerous email's and PM's over various forums regarding the business side of making MMORPG's

So we at MYOM have decided to release a few extracts from our book regarding formation of a company for your MMORPG.

We have released three extracts which and have a few more planned, you can find them here:

Article 1: http://www.makeyourownmmorpg.com/983/start-an-mmorpg-company-part-1/

Article 2: http://www.makeyourownmmorpg.com/1066/start-an-mmorpg-company-part-2/

Article 3: http://www.makeyourownmmorpg.com/1088/start-an-mmorpg-company-part-3/



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