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I am looking to start my own text based browser mmorpg game, have been for a while. I know basic bits of coding but nothing near to what i need to know to do what i want. I want to start my game from scratch (Not using mccodes ect ect) I am gonna need alot of help and support with this. I want my game to be like critticwars.com

Anyone help me out? where do i start?

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No offence, but I see these posts everyday. It's not realistic, at least not for the likes of you.

Even if you are committed enough to actually finish it, by that time you would need to rewrite it just to keep up with further development since your lack of knowledge and experience would not let you have planned for the overhead.

Feel free to prove me wrong...

Edit: Ok, that's harsh, but it's the truth. I'd suggest you spend more time learning the traits of the language you are going to develop in, as well as the technologies it uses.

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First off I would like to say it’s nice to see people taking a step away from premade engines, and I completely disagree that it’s beyond your capabilities.

So where to start? As far as the game is concerned I agree with what has been said; start with a plan on paper (or the computer I guess) on what exactly you want. Starting with the plan to clone another game is not good in my view. You could take some key ideas from them, sure, but think about what will make your site unique. You may also want to plan the logic of the code itself e.g. directory structure, how will you add features. (take some ideas from Zap/Ezrpg if you have no idea.)

a_bertrand’s articles are a good read - http://makewebgames.io/content.php/143-An-idea-is-not-all

Now what else? Once you know what you’re doing, and since you don’t necessarily have massive PHP experience anyway, is it the right language for you to use? If so what about the database or how you’re planning to communicate? Do you have experience with mysqli? Thought about myisam vs innodb?

One thing I would consider doing for any project is getting some way, whether it’s in an IRC chat room or just over msn, to get feedback from a few more experienced developers. Ask people’s opinions on anything, and everything. (Google something you think people will consider a silly question.) You don’t ask you don’t learn.

I would also consider creating a few small even useless programs along the way in order to experiment with ways of doing things.

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Haha nice to see when someone comes on here asking about creating a game like my game CritticWars that the owner of this organization immediately thinks that we had to use some sort of "press a button and let it install" template and has the guts to send us a email saying we have to pay for his work and we infringed on his copyright with no proof at all. Sorry that you're not the only one on the web that can create a simple browser based game.

Took us a better part of a year to get our game in playing condition working on it between full time jobs and school -- as purely a hobby. You can ask any of our players that have been playing since the beginning.

Next time, get a little grounds before you bust out the "DMCA/Copyright Infringement Notice" :) thanks


edit: this is geared towards "MCcodes"

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sim i would gladly create a dbstructure, login.php ect ect

if only i knew how

Im at the point where i wanna do this and i need some kind of full on walkthrough step by step on how to code and design a game how i want it.

PHP Manual

Google: HTML, CSS and Javascript from the ground up

Mozilla Developer Network - Doc Center

Somewhat outdated (like most) tutorial on PHP login system

Cool login system, with PHP, MySQL and jQuery

PHP login page example

Google works wonders.

(P.S: Please start a thread of just links to tutorials and such, it's beginning to become a pain, linking to the same (type of) things over and over) #edit: scratch that, already done.

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