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what do you think of my login page x3


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I will not lie

it looks pixelated around the wording on the buttons and over all it seems to be a black background with a image and the middle and few buttons poorly made with a input form equaling a okay job if its the first time creating a login

but other then that I find it shitty looking

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the Login button username and password part looks like its lost the will to live and the rest of the image doesnt want it to be there... you have a enough space under the logo to place your login button username and password inline which will make it look evened out..

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I liked the title you had before ... the grey one

as for the buttons what if you had a bar go across the top of the page 100% width maby about 30px high and have the navigation there and centeralise the login form on the city background with a bit of transparency

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