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Cars Mod || Coming Soon || Mccodes V2

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Mod Name : Cars Mod

Reason of making : I have only seen only one Mccodes car racing mod up till now..so i planned to make a new better version

Features :

# Shop Where you can buy cars

# A Garage of your own which have to be bought first before buying a car

# A place where you can race Globally [Tournament] ( A Race Arena Where you sign up for a race which is conducted eventually after every 10 mins with 6 racers each )

# Multiplayer Racing ( You can challenge other inmates of your game if they have a garage and a car and is not participating in any of the tournaments

# Car upgrading ( Up-gradable Nitros ,Rims , Hood etc)

# Car Tuning For Acceleration , Handling and Speed

This is all i have in mind up till now well im 60% done making it ...

Don't have a fixed price for the mod in mind ( Please Comment with a reasonable price please )

Feedback about the idea would be appreciated

Thank You,

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